Graziano Prà

Graziano Prà has been part of the company since the early 80s but it was his father and grandfather who sealed his fate as winemaker. Regions such as Monte Grande and Monte Bisson in Soave and Morandina in Valpolicella have risen to international fame thanks to him; small esteemed Crus located in strong viticulture areas.

The principles that have shaped his story are quintessence and respect for the land. Purity is a keyword to describe Graziano’s wines. He is still in charge of winemaking decisions and, in the wine cellar, he prefers the exaltation of the fruit.

Research and innovation are inspired by the enhancement of the high quality of grapes coming from the field. From the beginning, his production choice to only use local vine varieties reflects Graziano’s strong belief in the potential quality of local grapes and for the enhancement of the territory.



An ideological movement, reinforced by a very selective statute, has united vinedressers, wine-producers and retailers alike to ensure the quality bar is kept high. This gives transparency and simplicity in communication with consumers who must be guaranteed that they have chosen the highest quality products from the area.

The wines produced by Soave vinedressers registered in the Italian Federation of Independent Vinedressers are shown with a distinctive logo on the cap. This is a new vision of agriculture: Respect for the environment, implementation of less-invasive winery practices, preservation of the high quality of grapes and a guaranteed supply-chain certified for consumers. The resulting wine is an expression of the land.