The territory of Soave

The golden bunches of Soave white grapes have cloaked the black hills of Soave and Monteforte. Garganega, with its sometimes abundant, sometimes sparse bunches, is an authentic display of winemaking history and tradition in the region of Verona. It was present throughout Graziano’s childhood and has been the leitmotif of his entire life.

Originally trained with the Tendone system, it has now achieved its true potential for the Graziano company through the first-time testing of the Pergola system and, as such, has made its way into the Recioto di Soave DOCG.

Being defined as a neutral grape, it gets all of its strength and elegance from the ancient surroundings, the basalt soils of the Soave and Monteforte hills, with complex hints of exotic fruits and white flowers, of yellow drupe and warm, sweet spices. These grapes retain a high degree of acidity and provide a long life for bottled wines. They have leathery skin and are ideal for drying. They develop nutty aromas and gather the identity of where the Cru’s originated.

At Garganega, Graziano has planted a hectare of Trebbiano di Soave. A deliberate choice to keep his wine-growing tradition alive in this area. An effort not to distort the ancient history of Soave.

Monte Grande

The Montegrande vineyard is located in the heart of Soave Classico. It has been owned by the Prà family for generations, and that’s where Graziano start his production.
A historic vineyard that has been able to become an internationally reference Cru for Soave denomination.
Here, during the harvest, a particular process is made, so-called “cut of the vines shoot”, which leaves Garganega grapes dying on the vines for one month.

Watch the video of cut of the vines shoot.

Monte Bisson

This small volcano in the middle of the plain, at the beginning of Cazzano valley, is considered the Prà new production area, also because his acquisition is the most recent. Among the ruins on which the spontaneous vegetation has taken over stands an old little tower once used to control over the hills between the Soave castle and the Illasi Castle.