La Morandina

A long search for the perfect vineyard brought Graziano to the higher marl slopes of the Valle di Mezzane. Sitting on white soils deriving from chalky rock, ancient clay and marine sand, La Morandina is located on 500 mt altitude on rubble and schist that envelop the vine from the trunks to the roots as they burrow down in their search for water. The grape yield is obviously very low giving more body to the wines. This was Graziano’s aim when he decided to adopt organic agriculture that doesn’t interfere with the natural balances that have been established over time. The high levels of chalk and surface marl are the main elements needed to obtain wines that are very fine and elegant with good freshness, medium body and low ph. making them perfect for long aging and easy drinking.
The Corvina gives spiciness and cherry aromas, Corvinone gives glycerine and vibrant freshness, Rondinella adds delicate fruit and light floral aromas whilst Oseleta provides colour and robust tannins.
La Morandina is the new frontier of the Valpolicella – higher and cooler. The vision behind producing Valpolicella wines in the organic vineyards of La Morandina, is the idea to draw energy form the vine itself. This is the added value of this land – so distinct and so natural.